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Imagine it’s 30 years from now, you are hosting a gathering of your nearest and dearest family and friends. Your home is full of love and laughter and you steal a cheeky kiss in the kitchen with your spouse. Someone asks you about your wedding day so you pull the album off the shelf and you all end up leafing through for hours. What would bring those memories flooding back? Maybe it is the image of you and your best mate (who moved away years ago) sharing a moment just after the ceremony. Or the photo of your father welling up when he first sees you in your wedding dress. And what about your nieces and nephews, how cute did they look in their outfits. Moments like these can last a lifetime if you capture them in a specific way.

Wedding photography for me, is so much more than just turning up on a certain day at a specific time and dictating to the client where to stand, what to do, how to look, etc.… Bridal and wedding photography is unique to each and everyone.  My ethos is that “it’s your wedding day not mine!”

During the day I do my very best to blend in with your guests and be as unobtrusive as I can be. I find this allows me to capture your day in as natural a way as possible.

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As a wedding photographer, I want to record your memories in as honest a way as possible. I want your images to be tangible. I want you to remember how amazing it was to see all your loved ones all in one place, united for that one day, sparking meetings and conversations that became so important.

I want to capture the seemingly insignificant moments that years later become very significant indeed. And if we sneak off for photos, my aim is for you to love those first moments alone as man and wife and for you to remember that when you look back at your images.

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