As you can see from my gallery section, I prefer to tell a story and take images that weave themselves together to tell the tale of your day.

This genre of photography has several different names: wedding photojournalism, documentary wedding photography and reportage wedding photography.

For me there isn’t any discernable difference between the three names generally, apart from, perhaps, what the bridal magazines see as the fashionable way to describe natural, story telling wedding photography.

As that Documentary Wedding Photographer, I am at my most creative when left to roam around the wedding capturing those perfect shots of you and your guests.

The moments you may never even have noticed happening during the wedding day itself. Weddings that have reams of formal and group shots will disable my ability to capture those images.

I appreciate that most weddings have some form of formal photography, and that’s fine, but I try and keep that to a minimum. Too much formal photography can break the cohesion of the day and the opportunity for me to fully explore and photograph the wedding.

I am very aware that each and every wedding I shoot is unique. Each client has their own ideas on what they would like, not to mention the vast array of venues that are available for you to choose from. Due to this it is very difficult to give a single price that covers all eventualities.

I can say that on the average full day package which includes hair and make up shots right through to the end of the night, I spend approximately 80 hours on your wedding photography of which only a small portion is the actual day itself. I therefore price each shoot on the time I spend on both the day and postproduction of your images. My suggestion would be to get in touch with as much information as you have and I can give you a price that is especially customized just you.